Okta Exam Overview

This exam study guide is designed to prepare you for the Okta Labor Markets exam. The professional assessment includes a detailed list of topics covered and study aids. To become an Okta-certified professional, you must pass this exam. It is also a requirement for those seeking Octa Director, Consultant or Engineer certifications.

What Does “Okta Employee Handbook” Mean?

Okta certified professionals know the basics of identity management and security. They have experience helping Okta users with their daily tasks. Certified Okta professionals are familiar with Okta technologies and processes for easy sign-on, single sign-on (SSO) federation, and application deployment.

OKTA User Identity Certificate

OKTA user credentials have two levels.

Level 1: Certified OKTA Professional

Okta certified professionals know how to manage identities and use mobility and security concepts. They have practical experience in carrying out the daily tasks that assist the OKTA staff.
These experts also know how to use OKTA protocols and technologies for single signal control, simplified computing and application integration.

Okta Exam

Level 1: Certified OKTA Professional With The Following Qualifications:

  • Tests and online tests
  • There are two parts:
  • Part 1: 15 DOMC items.
  • Part 2: The exhibition is based on four plays
  • Total time: 150 minutes (Part 1: 30 minutes & Part 2: 120 minutes).
  • Price: $250
  • You must pass the OKTA Certified Professional Hands-on Configuration Exam to receive this certification.

Level 2: The Boss Approves The OKTA

Certified OKTA specialists who know how to digitally manage OKTA operations. More is known about OKTA SSO options, security measures and mobile support in the context of advanced user authentication processes.

They also know that OKTA can help with traditional on-premise and cloud access and database integration. Administrators use the OKTA configuration framework to manage user access and learn how to map data variables and user identities using the Universal Directory.

Who Should Take The Okta Professional Exam?

Candidates for the Okta Professional Certification must pass the Okta professional certification exam.

  • These must meet at least the following requirements:
  • One year of technical experience in security and identity management.
  • Three to six months of Okta service experience.
  • Completion of appropriate Okta courses or similar training with approval

While roles vary from company to company, many Okta Professional certification candidates help define the brand strategy or are involved in the day-to-day operations and support of the Okta brand. Candidates for this certification can be Okta employees, project consultants, brand managers, project managers, business application owners or help desk managers.

What Does It Mean To Be A Certified Okta Manager?

Okta certified executives know how to manage Okta digital and operations. They know a lot about how Okta provides advanced user experiences on mobile devices, security measures, supported SSO options and advanced database integrations for in the cloud and on-premise access. Administrators use the Okta system to manage user access. The global library can also be used to map and manage identifier variables and data.

What Does “Okta Certified Consultant” Mean?

Okta certified technicians have the expertise to set up Okta services in many different ways. Our consultants have experience in integrating common applications such as Microsoft Office 365, Google Workspace, Box and Salesforce with Okta. They also have extensive knowledge and experience in analyzing and implementing complex Okta integrations in multi-forest and multi-region scenarios, Advanced single identification (SSO), and on-boarding federation with Okta. The consultants know how to use the Okta API and configure custom systems.

Who Can Take The Okta Consultants Exam?

People who have used Okta certifications and helped improve Okta are the best candidates for Okta certifications. Okta recommends that applicants for Okta Advisor certification meet at least the following requirements:

  • More than five years of experience managing security for identity and access control
  • One year of real-world experience with Okta
  • High Profile Provisioning and Inbound Federation Processes: Must successfully complete using Okta as a similar service or training process.
  • Practical experience using identity level tools and libraries on user systems as an authentication source for users, and migrating user credentials and passwords from authentication sources to Okta .
  • Experience using various Okta tools (such as SAML Wizard, Okta Radius Agent, and OIDC) for advanced SSO integration, and
  • Experience with OAuth 2.0 infrastructure and advanced server access control
  • Experience setting up custom processes in Okta using various tools such as Okta on-premises provisioning (OPP), custom email domains, login screens, login widgets, custom blank login UI, custom URLs, MFA as a service , and the MFA building and SCIM Professional applications, but assistance may be needed to troubleshoot all configuration problems.
  • Advanced directory experience with LDAP, Desktop SSO, extended proxy and proxy settings
  • Experience deploying Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA) in an enterprise with offices around the world, but may need guidance for multi-forest / multi-domain strategic planning.
  • Try the incoming federation setting in Okta, but redirection may be required to troubleshoot the incoming federation problem.
  • Adaptive MFA, behavioral detection, pre-authorization login, and Threat Insights can be configured, but may require configuration documentation.
  • Device reliability is understood, but assistance may be needed to resolve common Okta compatibility issues.
  • Experience using Okta APIs in cross-platform environments and knowledge of API stacking.

What Does It Mean To Be Okta Certified?

Okta certified developers know how to use Okta APIs and SDKs to build a secure and free experience. Okta’s certified developers have experience working with RESTful APIs and developing web applications. They understood deep authentication and authorization standards like OpenID Connect (OIDC) and OAuth, and how Okta supports these standards for authentication building, change authorization and service-based authorization management. Developers also have experience configuring access and access control APIs and using Single Sign-On (SSO) with OIDC. Understand and properly use Okta Lifecycle management and configuration APIs.

Okta Exam

Those Who Meet At Least The Following Requirements Are The Best Candidates For an Okta Certified Developer Certificate:

  • More than four years of software development experience
  • Six months hands-on experience with Okta delivering custom labeling solutions
  • Experience using Okta API Access Control to secure APIs
  • Experience creating custom licensing platforms, defining constraints and requirements, and developing policies and guidelines to protect APIs.
  • Experience using the Okta REST API and know how to pass relevant API parameters in requests.
  • Experience building user-facing client applications with Okta
  • Experience installing OIDC and OAuth applications in Okta
  • Use Okta users and various APIs to learn how to allocate and deallocate resources to users.
  • Understanding of Okta API design principles, how to use pagination and quick navigation.
  • Learn how to find and work around Okta API rate limits.
  • Knowledge of where to find the latest Okta API documentation and tools
  • View query logs and events using the Okta API
  • Learn how to use the Okta API to create, update, and delete users, groups, and applications.
  • If you are using Okta REST API, you will need login widget and SDK.
  • Understand the different types of OIDC and OAuth supported by Okta and when to use them.
  • Understand the difference between an organization access server and a custom access server in the context of OIDC and OAuth.
  • Learn how the Octa system affects API calls and responses and subsequent rules.
  • Knowledge of using Okta multi-factor authentication for client applications
  • Knowledge of reading basic Okta API error codes.
  • Learn how to use URL rewriting, OIDC authorizations, and session APIs to create an Okta session for group access.
  • I have experience changing the Okta login widget.
  • With Okta login widget, you can learn how to create seamless and hybrid logins.
  • Learn how to use the Okta API and SDK to create sessions on Okta.
  • Know how to configure trust settings (CORS, Redirect) and understand what happens when trust settings are configured and users are redirected.

Advantages Of The OKTA Exam:

Increase Your Return On Investment (ROI).

You’ll benefit more if your team understands how Okta works best. The entire organization benefits when your team members have the knowledge they need to implement your security features and capabilities. In addition, they win when you manage the brand for partners or customers outside of your company.
With Okta certification, your administrators and developers can create better processes, faster adoption and more satisfied users. Getting more profits is faster.

Strengthen Your Team.

Over 84% of Okta Certified Professionals and over 85% of Okta Certified Professionals believe that their Okta certification has made them more productive.

Additionally, over 84% of Okta certified leaders use the skills they learned while studying for their certification more than once a day.

Lead Your Team Into The Future.

If your people are so important (hint: they are!), it makes sense to help them grow. When that investment strengthens your brand identity and gives your team members knowledge, skills and job satisfaction, everyone wins.

Okta Exam

As Okta continues to add more features to our product line, our certification process will evolve to accommodate new features and releases. Your members must perform daily maintenance checks to maintain their Okta certificates. This will help ensure you stay on top of Okta’s ever-expanding capabilities.

Managers And Employees Can Earn Okta Street Scholarships.

The Octa certification allows brilliant teams to progress. They define the difference between experienced managers and departments who are experts and have extensive knowledge of current concepts in operations and access management. All four Okta degrees are among the top 20 highest paid degrees in the world.

Everyone Wins When Okta Cards Are Used.

Okta certification is the best way to make sure your team is using Okta in the right way for your organization and getting the most out of it. They help ensure that everything runs smoothly, employees are productive, customers are happy, and managers and employees enjoy long-term productivity gains.
Certifying your Okta members is now easier than ever. Candidates can prepare for their learning style and needs in a variety of ways, including online training, self-paced online courses, or free self-support webinars.

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Okta Exam

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